Our next chapter of Sake & Skewers has arrived at fleur. Join us to dive further into the two pillars of Japanese Izakaya.

Channelling Nippon vibes in true fleur style, with delicacies-on-a-stick alongside new world sake selected by Adam Mitchell. He’s serious about our sake program here at fleur, sourcing unique sake from producers and breweries using ancient Japanese methods.


Three select dates
6pm – 7.30pm
6 skewers + 4 sakes
$65 – prepayment required
Limited spots.

Wednesday 1 September

Wednesday 15 September

Wednesday 29 September

Bookings are available to continue your evening with fleur’s set menu afterwards.



Tempura prawn, prawn tare 

Fermented chilli grilled mussels

Fukucho Sparkling Junmai “Seaside”, Hiroshima


Duck and daikon meatball, spring onion & golden sesame

 Octopus teriyaki 

Senkin Daiginjo Nigori “Yakidaramu Snowman”, Tochigi


Bbq wagyu kushiyaki miso emulsion 

 Fukucho Junmai Ginjo Muroka Genshu “Hattanso” , Hiroshima


Yuzu marshmallow  

Koshigoi Yuzushu “Yuzu Party”, Chiba



Fukucho Sparkling Junmai, “Seaside”, Imada Hiroshima

A firm fleur favourite that we’ve been pouring since we opened. Made by Miho Imada, one of only 20 women Toji (master brewers), out of 1200 breweries in Japan. Bottle fermentation gives this sake a light carbonation – bubbles that sparkle like Champagne! A perfect match for seafood, the flavours are crisp and dry with lemon candy, pear and bread aromas. 

Senkin Daiginjo Nigori ‘Yakidaramu Snowman’

From the first look, you will tell that this cloudy sake is a truly unique premium sake unlike any other you have tried. Coarsely filtered, which gives it the appearance of milk in the bottle and a luscious, slightly effervescent texture, it’s inspired by the high-acid wines of France and Germany, which are famous for their food pairing superpowers. 

 Fukucho Junmai Ginjo Muroka Genshu Hattanso, Imada Hiroshima

This is a beautiful sake made in the style of the Edo period, and the only one to use Hattanso rice; an ancient native variety revived by the brewery, which is local to Hiroshima and notoriously difficult to grow. Unfined and undiluted, this highly fragrant sake is a favourite of Adam’s, rich and smooth with big juicy fruit notes and a little nutty spice.

Koshigoi Yuzushu “Yuzu Party”

Hailing from Chiba, the biggest surfing spot in Japan, this is a super juicy, summery blend of sake and fresh yuzu juice – a native Japanese citrus that throws fragrant and sour mandarin vibes. Think limoncello via Japan. This will be served long with soda as a refreshing palate cleanser to finish the meal.