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A 1920s New Year’s Eve

“Can’t repeat the past?… Why of course you can.”

Step into the 1920s this New Year’s Eve. A time when booze was banned but free-flowing in speakeasies hidden throughout the city. Jazz bands, dance halls and bootleg-liquor made for a decadent maelstrom for artists, thinkers and gangsters alike.

Embrace the roaring twenties and join us at The Royal for a jiving good time. Let’s go into the guts of underbelly New York where the parties were wild and lavish.

Tickets are $25+BF and includes:

  • Entry to our event
  • A drink upon arrival
  • Complimentary access to our Karaoke Room
  • 1920s style theming and entertainment
  • Poker tables
  • Discounts for group ticket purchases

Lose yourself into this bygone era, one hundred years on.